Apps and websites you should know about if you’re vegetarian

Switching to vegetarianism and sticking to the diet can be challenging without proper support and resources. Whether you are a new or experienced vegetarian, these apps and websites provide resources and information that can help you maintain this lifestyle. Here are some apps and websites every vegetarian should know about. HappyCow (website and app) HappyCow […]

How animal agriculture is contributing to climate change

Global livestock production accounts for 14.5% of all human-made greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, indicating that the livestock industry is exacerbating climate change in major ways. “A large amount of beef production is occurring in regions with tropical forests,” UW Oshkosh biology professor Brad Spanbauer said. […]

Videos that will inspire you to go vegetarian

Once I found out about the negative effects meat consumption has on health, the environment and animal lives, I began to question why it’s a staple in so many peoples’ diet. I know how easy it is to ignore the harsh reality of the meat industry, but this ignorance is perpetuating climate change and health […]

10 questions every vegetarian is sick of answering

If you are vegetarian, then you know what it’s like to be hounded by questions every time someone new discovers you don’t eat meat. Considering that almost 14% of the world population doesn’t eat meat, you’d think that most people would be familiar with the idea of vegetarianism. Yet, when I tell a meat eater […]

Types of vegetarian diets

It’s common for people to assume that vegetarians simply don’t eat meat, but there are several types of vegetarian diets with varying rules and restrictions when it comes to animal products. Here are the basic levels of vegetarianism ordered from least restrictive to most restrictive diet in regard to meat consumption. Flexitarian A flexitarian diet […]